What to do When Power Cuts Cause Internet Outages | Satellite Internet?

November 7, 2023

When blackouts occur, fibre and LTE providers have difficulty staying connected. Network failures can take hours to restore, forcing businesses and individuals offline. This affects work productivity and overall business operations.

There is a solution, though: backup satellite connectivity. 

What is Satellite Internet? 

Satellite internet is a unique wireless connection provided by satellites in space, offering global coverage. Unlike land-based internet services like cable and DSL which rely on underground wires to transmit data, satellite internet makes use of orbiting satellites to transmit signals to your modem. This technology is crucial for remote areas with limited broadband options or in regions where frequent power outages may interrupt connectivity. 

How Does Satellite Internet Work? 

Satellite internet operates through a complex system of radio wave communication and satellites in orbit. It starts with your device, which sends data through your modem and satellite dish. This data then travels into space to reach a satellite in Earth's orbit before coming back down to Earth. Ground stations, known as network operations centres (NOC), process and redirect the data.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Starlink, HughesNet, and Viasat are essential in this process. They deploy multiple satellites in low-earth or high-earth orbits to create a network of connectivity. To ensure a clear signal, a satellite dish is installed outside your home without obstructions. This dish receives the signal from your ISP after it's routed through your modem.

By using a Wi-Fi router, you can distribute this incoming signal to power your various internet-connected devices within your home. 

What Makes Satellite Internet Different?

Traditional wired internet depends on power lines and physical cables to provide connectivity. The weakness of this setup is that it can be disrupted during power failures. In contrast, satellite internet originates from communication satellites orbiting the Earth. Therefore, it is unaffected by power outages or any other disturbances on the ground, making it a reliable internet solution. 

Does Satellite Internet Reach Anywhere?

A distinct advantage of satellite connectivity lies in its universal accessibility, as it can be utilised wherever there is a clear line of sight to the sky. Unlike other internet options, such as high-speed wireless, which face limitations imposed by geographical features like mountains and structures, satellite internet transcends these barriers and offers connectivity virtually anywhere. 

Is Satellite Internet Fast?

While satellite internet is not yet as fast as cable and fibre optics connections, it has made significant speed advancements, now offering download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. A noteworthy aspect to consider is the presence of high latency, which can affect the perceived speed of satellite internet due to the signal's lengthy travel distance.

To ensure the best possible broadband speed, it is recommended to enlist the services of professional installers. This not only optimises speed but also allows for widespread access to high-quality internet, even in remote or rural areas, without the need for extensive infrastructure. This aspect highlights the inclusive nature of satellite internet, offering reliable connectivity solutions where other options may not be available.

Are Wi-Fi and Satellite Internet the Same?

While you can establish a Wi-Fi network using a satellite internet connection, it is important to note that Wi-Fi and satellite internet are distinct concepts. Satellite internet represents a particular type of internet connection, whereas Wi-Fi pertains to a wireless network. 

With a satellite internet connection, you have the capability to create a home Wi-Fi network, enabling internet access on various wireless devices like laptops and smartphones. Satellite internet ultimately serves as the gateway to extend connectivity wirelessly, but the two are not interchangeable; they work together to provide wireless internet access within your home or business.

Satellite Internet As a Primary or Secondary Source?

Satellite internet is a great main option in remote areas like farms, rural towns, or nature resorts where network connectivity is often problematic. Since satellite connection is not restricted to terrestrial infrastructure, its reach is much wider. 

Traditional terrestrial internet is usually cheaper and faster in urban areas, however, satellite connectivity in these locations offers a secure failover for fibre, wireless, or copper broadband internet outages. With the appropriate UPS, a backup satellite link will keep you online during power outages, weather fluctuations, roadworks and other circumstances that may affect on-ground telecommunications. If your main internet connection goes down, a satellite backup can reroute all traffic to its network until your primary service is restored and the unit is switched back. 


 Advantages Offered By Backup Satellite Internet

  • Consistent work productivity and continuity

Satellite internet ensures consistent work productivity by providing a dependable internet connection, regardless of your location. This reliability is especially crucial for businesses that require uninterrupted access to cloud-based applications, data sharing, and communication tools.

  • Video conferencing capabilities

In the era of remote work and virtual meetings, satellite internet offers video conferencing capabilities, enabling continuous communication with colleagues, clients, and partners. This feature facilitates productive collaboration, even in remote areas where traditional internet options may be limited.

  • The freedom to work remotely

With satellite internet, individuals have the freedom to work remotely from various locations, including rural areas, remote job sites, or even during travel. This flexibility allows employees to maintain their job responsibilities and meet deadlines while enjoying a change of scenery.

  • Sustained connectivity for security infrastructure

Satellite internet ensures sustained connectivity for security infrastructure, contributing to the safety of both homes and businesses. This includes enabling remote surveillance, alarm systems, and monitoring tools to function seamlessly, providing peace of mind 24/7.

  • Uninterrupted internet for household purposes

Satellite internet guarantees uninterrupted internet access for a wide range of household purposes. Whether it's sending emails, online gaming, engaging in social media, or streaming entertainment content, users can enjoy a seamless online experience, irrespective of their geographical location.

  • Reliable internet for tourism businesses

Satellite internet serves as a lifeline for tourism businesses situated in remote or rural areas. These businesses depend on reliable internet connectivity for online bookings, reservations, guest communication, and promotion. By offering consistent internet access, satellite internet supports the tourism industry's growth and customer satisfaction in off-grid locations.

Backup satellite internet delivers a host of advantages. Its versatility and accessibility make it a valuable choice for maintaining connectivity in various scenarios and locations, ensuring productivity, safety, and convenience.

The Takeaway?

Satellite internet connectivity is a crucial backup system in a country where rolling blackouts are causing unstable networks. It is also a viable primary internet option in secluded areas. 

Are you tired of power failures disrupting your business and household’s internet access? ITRS’s Load-shedding Satellite Internet is a robust and reliable backup solution. We offer various packages to meet your internet needs at home and on the job. Contact us to discuss your options or get a quote.

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